High volume, low pressure, high purity filtration
with unique environmental benefits

Chemical Production

Cutting costs for acid neutralization

A large chemical company had low density, high moisture filter cakes from an acid neutralization project. Filter cake production was extremely high, and landfill costs were exceeding budget. Changing to MaxFlo® reduced filter cake density 22%, landfill costs fell 40% and the project moved ahead at 16% below budget.


Soap and free glycerin removal property, lower cost and better filtration performance

Biodiesel production plants used a powder adsorbent on a pressure horizontal leaf filter to remove free glycerin, soap and solids in dry washing hot filtrate process. The powdered adsorbent greatly removed the contaminants, however the cost to use this product was high, and was very difficult to filter due to serious filter media clogging and dense cake formation. The final cake was very wet which caused high disposal cost and waste of biodiesel product. With 100% soap removal, up to 60% free glycerin removal capability, and superior filtration performance compared to the existing absorbent in the process, MaxFlo was used to replace the existing adsorbent in the hot filtration stage. The customers enjoyed a much better and easier filtration operation at a lower cost.


Making hazardous waste TCLP compliant

An industrial manufacturer generates metal-laden sludge in their wastewater division, which is always a problem. The use of the MaxFlo® ProFix® product improved filtration efficiency 20%, and the filter cakes pass TCLP, making it a non-hazardous waste. Annual savings are over $200,000.