High volume, low pressure, high purity filtration
with unique environmental benefits

Agrilectric Research Job descriptions

Global Marketing Director

The Global Marketing Director is responsible for the overall management of the Worldwide Rice Hull Ash marketing efforts to obtain maximum profitability through Best Management Marketing Skills. Employee must have technical knowledge of filtration, filter aids, chemistry and laboratory background, and excellent communication skills. Major markets will include but not limited to chemical, food, wastewater treatment, water treatment, steel manufacturing and absorbent industries. Technical selling will include nationwide and global presentations, quotations, customer support, and field lab testing/process engineering.

The Director will develop and implement the marketing strategies and programs that further develop the Company’s business with key global and regional accounts. 

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Ash Facility Operator

Operate processing, packaging and loading equipment in a safe and efficient and clean manner. Ensure quality control is followed on all products. 

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Clerk, Ash Processing

 Provide clerical and administrative support for Supervisor, Ash Processing and Processing Facility Staff

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Supervisor, Ash Processing

Supervise the preparation, blending, manufacturing and packaging of rice hull ash products including the filtration and filter aids, steel and other markets as required.  Insure that all materials, raw ingredients and processing are provided to deliver the products to the customer on schedule while providing a safe and environmentally friendly facility for employees.

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Ash Processing Technician

Experienced and knowledgeable in all of the operations and maintenance of ash processing equipment and processes, this position will provide direct support to the Supervisor and facility operations in all areas required for reliable, safe and efficient operations.  

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